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Art Education: Resources for Education for a Democratic Society

This guide is a guide for educations who want to address democracy in their teaching.

About This Page


On this page you'll find a list of articles that address issues of power, privilege, and equity in pedagogy. Some themes include: critical race theory, art pedagogy, feminist pedagogy.

Journal Articles

Fleury, S. (2011). Playing with fire, or the stuffing of dead animals- Freire, Dewey, and the dilemma of social studies reform. Educational Studies, 47(1), 71-91.
Freedman, E. (2007). Is teaching for social justice undemocratic?. Harvard Educational Review, 77(4), 442-473.

Baez, B.  (2012). Democracy.  In Nancy Lesko & Susan Talburt (Eds.), Keywords in Youth Studies: Tracing Affects, Movement, Knowledges. New York, NY: Routledge.

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Darts, D. (2004). Visual culture jam: Art, pedagogy, and creative resistance. Studies in Art Education, 45(4), 313-327.

Davis, D. E. (2009). Preparing White Student Teachers through a Critical Consultative Interaction Model. International Journal of Progressive Education, 5(2), 2.

Desai, D., & Chalmers, G. (2007). Notes for a dialogue on art education in critical times. Art Education, 60(5), 6-12.

Dewhurst, M. (2010). An Inevitable Question: Exploring the Defining Features of Social Justice Art Education. Art Education, 63(5), 6-13.

Katz, T. (2005). Unbecoming white:  Exposing the power and privilege in my own Eurocentric education. The Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, 25, 97-111.

Knight, W. B. (2006). E(raced) bodies in and out of sight/cite/site. The Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, (26), 323.

Knight, W. B. (2006). Using contemporary art to challenge cultural values, beliefs, and assumptions. Art Education, 59(4), 39-45.

Lee, N. P. (2013). Engaging the pink elephant in the room:  Investigating race and racism through art education. Studies in Art Education, 54(2), 141.

Leitch, R. (2006). Limitations of language: Developing arts‐based creative narrative in stories of teachers’ identities. Teachers and Teaching: theory and practice, 12(5), 549-569.

Nordlund, C., Speirs, P., & Stewart, M. (2010). An invitation to social change: Fifteen principles for teaching art. Art Education, 63(5), 36-43.

Parker, L., & Stovall, D. O. (2004). Actions following words: Critical race theory connects to critical pedagogy. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 36(2), 167-182.

Pollack, T. M. (2012). The miseducation of a beginning teacher: One educator's critical reflections on the functions and power of deficit narratives. Multicultural Perspectives, 14(2), 93-98.

Rolling, J. H. (2009). One of these things is not like the other: Art education and the symbolic interaction of bodies and self-images. Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, 28/29, 12-29.

Taylor, P. G. (2000). Madonna and hypertext: Liberatory learning in art education. Studies in art education, 41(4), 376-389.

Quinn, T. (2005). Biscuits and crumbs: Art education after Brown v. Board of Education. Studies in Art Education, 46(2), 186-190.

Wickrama, K. A. S., Simons, L. G., & Baltimore, D. (2012). The influence of ethnicity and adverse life experiences during adolescence on young adult socioeconomic attainment: The moderating role of education. Journal of youth and adolescence, 41(11), 1472-1487.

Core Research Databases - Find Articles

Core Research Databases - Find Articles
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