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Information Literacy Program at Decker Library

A toolkit for MICA's Information Literacy Program


About This Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is for AH 201's break-out sessions and is designed to be co-taught with the faculty member. Instruction takes place in two 45-minute sessions over two weeks and is aimed at having students do speed research and create lightning presentations to share with each other at the end of Week 2. In between weeks 1 and 2, students will read an article and/or book chapter they have selected.

The goal of this session is to be very student-driven, so the instructor should lecture as little as possible and instead engage in conversation throughout the two 45-minute sessions.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this session, students will be able to:

  • quickly evaluate information sources

  • work efficiently in a group dynamic

  • clearly present your research findings to your colleagues

Before the session:

1. Share this guide link and the handout with the professor a week in advance to make sure you don't need to make any changes. If changes need to be made, make a copy of the handout and save it with those changes.

2. Create a Google Drive Folder for the final presentations and create an easy link to add to the handout and share with students.

Week 1

1. Spend 5-10 minutes at most going over the slides and instructions on the handout with the professor. Everyone teaches this part a little differently, so please see a folder with various versions of the slides, please be sure to make a copy of the slides if you wish to make changes.

2. Let the class self-direct and be sure to walk around and check on students throughout the 35-40 minutes they will be working.

3. Collect their handouts at the end of class, reassure them that they will have at least 20 minutes in Week 2 to create their presentation and that they should not worry about doing any work on the presentation in between. It's called lightning presentations for a reason!

4. Approve the reading selected by each group as their homework. If it is a book chapter, collect it (along with their emails), so you can scan and send it to them.

Week 2

1. At the beginning of class, reiterate goal for the week: they have 20 minutes to finish up. They should review their research and create their slides. They can split up this work.

2. Remind students that they must save their presentations in the Google Drive folder. You may have to show students how to move presentations from their folder (if they start it without heeding this advice) to the class folder. So make sure you know how to do this!

3. When presentations start, remind students not to read from their notes and to be themselves.

4. Set a timer for each presentation so you don't go over time.

5. Have the instructor write notes on the rubric to share with the students after class.

Follow up

1. If time permits, give students the feedback form at the end of Week 2. If not, have the professor give out the form the following week.

2. Meet or email with faculty member to go over what could be tweaked for next semester.

3. Assessment to be scored with the professor, using this rubric.

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