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Sequential Arts

Research Guide for Sequential Arts

About This Guide

Welcome to the Sequential Arts Concentration Research Guide. This guide has information on the MICA Sequential Arts Concentration, and the field of comics and graphic novels.  Please feel free to contact me, Kelly Swickard, the liaison librarian, with any questions.

What is a graphic novel part 2

This is a comic strip by Jessica Abel from her and Matt Maden's website Drawing Words & Writing Pictures.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Comic or Graphic Novel?


Comic or Graphic Novel?

Comic Strip Comic Book Graphic Novel

Single idea (often but not always a joke)

Serialized story

Bound narrative with story arc. Can be serialized in multiple monograph volumes

Story unfolds across multiple panels (typically 3-5) or just a single panel

Story unfolds across multiple pages in panels or strips (20-40+ pages)

Multiple pages (50-200+ pages). 

Often serialized, appearing in newspaper and magazines, frequency daily or weekly

Often multiple artists and writers for one series as well as the product of a studio (i.e., Marvel or DC)

Combination of single page illustrations and multiple panels. Illustrations and textual components work together to reveal the story

Example: Calvin & Hobbes 

Example: Ms. Marvel 

Example: Maus, Watchmen, Persepolis, etc.

But What about Cartoons?

A cartoon is a simple 2 dimensional drawing in which the features of the subject are exaggerated in a humorous or satirical way. Typically it appears as a single illustration. Cartoons also refer to a movie that uses animation techniques to photograph drawings rather than real objects. Digital animation and computer drawing are now the most common contemporary techniques in creating animated movies cartoon television programs.

from Stephanie Maatta, Full Sail University Library

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