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MICA Masters Thesis Collection: Home

A listing by program of all the Masters Theses documented in the MICA Archives at the Decker Library.

Masters Thesis Catalog

A complete listing of theses on deposit from all graduate programs is available in the Masters Thesis Catalog.

This catalog provides access by name, year, and program, and is searchable by name and program.

About this Guide

The Decker Library is a repository for documentation of Masters Theses from MICA's graduate programs. Here are pages with inventories of the theses that have been deposited in the Library from the graduate programs at MICA (1956-2014).

Theses that are not included on this inventory are not in the Library's collection. The most recent years' work is only available in digital format. The Decker Library is preparing a digital repository, called ContentDM, for presenting theses online. Within this system, thesis content will only be available to the public if the student has authorized that access. Otherwise, thesis content will be restricted to on-campus.

The Masters Theses documentation for all years can be viewed by appointment within the Decker Library. Contact or telephone 410-225-2714 to arrange.

How To Submit Your Thesis Documentation

There are 4 steps to submitting your thesis documentation materials.

1. Download the Masters Thesis Packet here

2. Complete the submission form on the first page, with:
- your personal information
- your program of study
- whether you wish for your thesis documentation to be made available publically, or just for viewing on the MICA campus

3. Prepare a PDF file compiling your thesis documentation for archiving and presentation on the web. Should you require assistance in preparing the PDF file, please contact the Graduate Studies office.

4. Provide the Submission Form along with the PDF file to the Graduate Studies office.

What happens next?

The Decker Library will provide the PDF file of theses online in a Digital Content Repository (called ContentDM, currently under development).

- Theses that have been designated by the author to be publically available will be viewable from anywhere in the world.

- Theses that have been designated by the author as limited to campus-only viewing will be restricted to on-campus access.

The Decker Library will preserve the digital files of all Masters Theses in accordance with institutional accreditation requirements.