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MICA Graduate Theses Collection

How To Submit Your Thesis Documentation

Decker Library is the official repository for graduate theses created by students of MICA's graduate and post-baccalaureate programs.

If you're a student ready to submit your PDF/A, please visit Decker Library's Graduate Theses page for everything you need to complete the process.

MFA in Graphic Design Theses Collection

The Decker Library is a repository for documentation of Masters Theses from MICA's graduate and post-baccalaureate programs (1956-2014). Here is an inventory of the theses that we have from the areas of ADVERTISING DESIGN AND GRAPHIC DESIGN. Included are theses from the MFA IN GRAPHIC DESIGN program (2003-2014).

A complete listing of theses in the Library collection, organized by program, is found here. One can also search for theses in the Library catalog, using the Special Collections limiter in the search parameters.

Thesis documentation for 1956-2014 can be viewed by appointment within the Decker Library. Contact or telephone 410-225-2714 to arrange.

MICA Digital Library
Complete graduate theses from 2015 to present are available for viewing online in the MICA Digital Library. Theses that are "unrestricted" are available to view from any location. Those that are "restricted" can only be viewed from the MICA campus.

- See all online theses from the MFA in Graphic Design program (2015- ) and the Post-Baccalaureate Graphic Design program (2016- )


Brink, Harrison Steck


Feldman, Penney | Volpitta, Francis M.


Cheng, Judy | Kebaili, Nadra S. | Mussano, Dina | Plikaitis, Kara Beth


Brooks, Michelle Helen | Jackson, Christopher Wesley | Malinow, Joshua Benjamin | Moore, George | Rodriguez, Jessica Pilar | Rogic, Zvezdana | Spilman, Kristen | Weikert, Michael


Bost, Kimberly D. | Diepold, Katherine Cornelius | Faden, Alissa Rose | Froehlich, Nancy | Harrison, Allen E. | Holman, James S. | Palmer, Adam R. | Semeco-Rojas, Veronica | Woldemichael, Ida


Ahn, Yeohyun | Botts, Jeremy | Gladhill, William Ryan | Lewis, Robert | Jordahl, Sarah Joy | Lee, Yongseuk | Menon, Visakh M. | Okutake, Jason


Bentley, Kimberly Ann | Cordova, Viviana Carla | Corrigan, John Page | Lim, Hyun Soo | May, Gregory Robert | McIntyre, Kelley Lynn | Osmanof, April | Tuo, Yue


Armstrong, Helen | Bjornard, Kristian | Clifford, Ryan | Danielle, Davis | Galbreath, Joe | Ha, Joo | Lewis-Archibald, Giselle | Muir, Lindsey M. | Venne, Anthony


Hawthorne, Molly | Kropp, Justin | Sasser, Virginia | Shea, Andrew | Walser, Aaron | White-Torres, Jennifer


Adams, Lauren | Clark, Chris | Herrmann, Elizabeth | Liu, Ann | McCampbell, Chris | Shelley, Ryan | Taylor, Elizabeth | Xenakis, Krissi


Mortensen, Eric | Rotberg, Michal | Seltzer, Aura | Toppins, Aggie | Zotter, Cameron


Alesina, Inna | Compton, YoungSun | Dlugash, Nicki | Gottlieb, Jason | Lopez, Javier | Ludwig, Luiz | Pelsoh, Brian | Qian, Li | Robertson, Sarah | Sayo, Julie | Towell, Kelcey


Blake, Richard | Carusi, Jamie | Chemelski, Benjamin | Facet, Yingxi Zhou | Hernandez, Gabriela | Lam, David | Littman, Jackie | Matherne, Kirby | McConnell, Rob | Sherwood-Forbes, Emma | Tabet, Nour | Walton, Amy Lee | Wei, Hong

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