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Information Visualization Research

A guide to resources for the Masters of Information Visualization program at MICA.

Information Visualization Communities Online

Information Visualization Communities Online

If you're interested in reading and joining discussions online, below is a great place to start. Use your bookmarks, set up RSS feed, etc. and follow along. This list was suggested by faculty member Rob Rolleston and Heather Bradbury.

  • The Functional ArtAlberto Cairo's weblog on visualization, infographics, and data journalism.
  • Adventures in Mapping
  • Junk Charts blog
  • Seeing Data: Seeing Data is a group of research projects which aim to understand the place of data visualisations in society.
  • Dadaviz
  • Data Viz Done RightHighlighting data viz best practices around the web. By Andry Kriebel, same author as vizwiz, but this website is more general.
  • DataRemixed: Data Remixed is a blog dedicated to exploring data and sharing insights in an engaging way. Blog by Ben Jones.
  • Data Stories: A podcast on data visualization with Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner
  • Datazar: Data collaboration platform where you can easily explore, work with and share data.
  • eagereyes: Visualization and Visual Communication
  • Fathom Information Design
  • Fell in Love With Data: by Enrico Bertini, Assistant Professor at NYU, writing about Data Visualization
  • FiveThirtyEight: 
  • FlowingData: FlowingData explores how statisticians, designers, data scientists, and others use analysis, visualization, and exploration to understand data and ourselves. By Nathan Yau.
  • Information Aesthetics: Inspired by Lev Manovich's definition of "information aesthetics," this weblog explores the symbiotic relationship between creative design and the field of information visualization. Designed and maintained by Andrew Vande Moere, Associate Professor at KU Leuven university, Belgium.
  • Information is BeautifulFrom David McCandless, a London-based author, writer and designer. Dedicated to distilling the world's data, information and knowledge into beautiful, interesting, and, above all, useful visualizations, infographics and diagrams.
  • Lisa Charlotte RostThoughts about ways to see the world and data visualization.
  • PolicyViz: from Jon Schwabish
  • Randal S. Olson: Website by Prof. Jason H. Moore, researcher at the University of Pennsylvania Institute for Biomedical Informatics.
  • Storytelling with Datafrom Cole Nussbaumer, through this blog, "I aim to teach storytelling with data through examples and practical tips."
  • Visual Complexity
  • Visualising Data: from Andy Kirk.
  • Visualoop
  • VizWiz: from Andy Kriebel. Suggested resource for working with Tableau.
  • R - bloggersR news and tutorials.
  • RStudio Blog
  • Data Is Plural (newsletter) - a semi-weekly 3 minute reminder in your inbox to peruse and thank about what data sets are out there for developing projects.
  • The Spindle: "The Spindle connects innovators among Dutch and global actors into an online and offline movement for inclusive, sustainable development. 

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