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Race, Gender, Sexuality in the Pre-Modern: A Guide to Research Resources

A preliminary guide designed to help faculty decolonize their Premodern syllabi and help students explore beyond Western, canonical histories.

Primary Sources

Online Sources that expand the lens through which we look at Premodern histories

Black Central Europe

The mission of Black Central Europe is to further knowledge about the Black Diaspora in German-speaking Central Europe in order to challenge racialized presumptions about history, national belonging, and citizenship in the region. We do this by making available relevant teaching and research resources, by disseminating the work of Black artists, and by facilitating conversations among a wide range of stakeholders. Our website is intended for a wide audience, including scholars, artists, elementary and high school teachers and others with an interest in learning and teaching about Central Europe’s relationship to the Black Diaspora at all educational levels.

England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

"England’s Immigrants 1330-1550 is a major research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, which has run between February 2012 and February 2015.   We are exploring the extensive archival evidence about the names, origins, occupations and households of a significant number of foreigners who chose to make their lives and livelihoods in England in the era of the Hundred Years War, the Black Death and the Wars of the Roses. The project contributes creatively to the longer-term history of immigration to England, and helps to provide a deep historical and cultural context to contemporary debates over ethnicity, multiculturalism and national identity."

Medievalists of Color

"Medievalists of Color (MoC) is a professional organization of a diverse group of scholars working across the disciplines in Medieval Studies.  We are graduate students, independent scholars, and tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty of all ranks from adjunct and lecturer to full professor. Among us are scholars based in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. As people of color, we share a collective socio-political identity that draws its strength from the varied backgrounds and experiences of its members.  We represent the power of difference."


Blogs that focus on race, identity and Premodern scholarship

Classics and Social Justice Blog

"The purpose of the group is to bring together those scholars in the field who are working in various ways on social justice, using Classics. This work is a form of outreach that brings Classics out of the academy and returns it to the least privileged in our society; we seek to draw together those trained in our field who are in some cases giving intellectual life-lines to those in nearly hopeless situations: the incarcerated, veterans, and children with least access to quality education. Each of these has so many underexplored dimensions and is too little visible at the SCS even though many individuals in the discipline are doing such work. Our goal is to create a dialogue about how Classicists and their students are using Classics, texts, traditions, and receptions, to address problems of inequality–social, educational, economic, etc."

People of Color in European Art History

"The focus of this blog is to showcase works of art from European history that feature People of Color. All too often, these works go unseen in museums, Art History classes, online galleries, and other venues because of retroactive whitewashing of Medieval Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia."

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