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Information Literacy Program at Decker Library

A toolkit for MICA's Information Literacy Program


About This Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is for FF161 - Drawing: Tradition & Innovation's orientation for a class project asking students to:

  • discover an art tradition that can be interpreted through drawing
  • research and create a 10 minute presentation on the tradition
  • create artwork/s to explore this tradition in the context of their own artistic practice and interest

Instruction takes place via a brief (20 minute) orientation that can take place in the drawing classroom or in the library, and an additional 60 minutes in the library, with support from the librarian, when the students do catalog searching for a book related to a tradition that interests them, register for ARTstor and search for images, and document the text and image sources that they find.

The goal of this session is to be very student-driven, so the instructor should lecture as little as possible and instead engage in conversation with the studetns while they are in the library.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this session, students will be able to:

  • Use the library catalog to explore a topic
  • Find books in the library
  • Find images in ARTstor related to their topic
  • Document text and image sources used in their presentation

Before the Session:

A week before the class, contact the faculty person and request that they:
 1- Introduce the assignment and explore the topic of "what is a tradition" with their students prior to the librarian presentation
 2- Contact students ahead of class and ask them to bring laptop computers to class that day, if they have them

Setting up if the librarian orientation is in the Drawing classroom followed by student research in the library
Reserve the big table in the library for the students to use before going over to the Drawing classroom

Setting up if the librarian orientation is in the Library classroom followed by student research in the library
Bring out all of the laptop computers. Tables can be arranged as one large table or as multiple small ones.

For either situation
Print out 22 copies of the worksheet (2-sided) and 22 copies of the feedback sheet

Instruction Session

Orientation and Activity

  1. Distribute the worksheets and feedback forms
  2. Launch the Google Slides orientation presentation
  3. First, emphasize "How to Discover a Tradition" showing and Google Arts & Culture sites
  4. Next, review "How to Research a Tradition" outlining steps they will do today with the worksheet:
    - Catalog search: call numbers, eBooks, and the "cite this" feature. Finding books in the library and documenting the book.
    - Keywords: Investigate the book and write down key words for further searching. Explain concept-mapping.
    ARTstor: show how to register and log-in, then do a search and save an image. Show how to cite the image.

    - End by showing the Libguide and mention that it has a link to the presentation and worksheet for those who missed today or want to review.
  5. Ask for questions
  6. Once in the Library, let the students pursue their research for 50 minutes, remaining available to help them with searching, finding books, etc.
  7. Come back together for the last 10 minutes, ask students to complete the Feedback sheet and take any last questions
  8. Collect the Feedback sheets. Students can take their worksheet with them.
  9. Follow up on any questions that students write on their feedback sheets

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