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Information Literacy Program at Decker Library

A toolkit for MICA's Information Literacy Program


This course will be taught in a synchronous format with asynchronous options for students outside of the United States.

The librarians can use the chat function for multi-modal learning.

Optional: The librarians can use breakout rooms for individual help/instruction.

Reusable Content Associated with this Course

Content that can be shared asynchronously with students or used during the instruction session:

Lesson Plan Options

This course is taught differently by different faculty members. Here are two different options for a lesson plan that you can share with the , but please feel free to work with the faculty member to design the session as needed.

Lesson Plan #1

1. Focus on generation a research question. What is a research question? How can you answer it?

2. Find a source that can help you answer your research question.

You can use this handout. You can also make a copy of and adapt these slides.

Lesson Plan #2

1. How to read a catalog record: Show video, talk through it, ask questions.

2. Introduction to the Information Cycle: Slide that shows the information cycle, not everything is in a book, and why more contemporary topics/artists/etc are not in a book or academic article.

3. Finding books and articles: Pay particular attention to other sources such as Google Scholar.

4. Google v. Library Databases: Describe the difference between them, user experience, etc.

5. Concept mapping as a method to your thesis/argument

  • Illustrate and discuss this cycle: Concept mapping ➜ Keyword searching ➜ Research question ➜ Thesis or argument

You can use these slides. And this handout.

Real-Time Feedback

Students email the librarian and faculty member: 

  • Concept map
  • One source
  • Research questions

Librarians can offer short (1-2 sentences with encouragement and/or suggestions) feedback on the concept map and research questions via email.

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