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Information Literacy Program at Decker Library

A toolkit for MICA's Information Literacy Program


This course will be taught in a synchronous format either online or in person, at the instructor's request. 

In person:

Two sessions in the Library Classroom, back to back weeks.


Two sessions via Zoom, back to back weeks. The librarians can use the chat function for multi-modal learning.

Optional: The librarians can use breakout rooms for individual help/instruction.

Reusable Content Associated with this Course

There are currently two versions of the worksheet and slides:

1. Using the topic Concretism in Latin America: worksheet, slides

2. Using Fluxus: worksheet, slides

There is an older version in a Canvas Module that is licensed under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license on Canvas Commons and can be imported directly into the faculty member's Modernism(s) course.

Lesson Plan

This two-week library session and assignment has students work together to build brief (3-5) slide presentations on a given topic.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will be able to quickly evaluate information sources
  • Students will work efficiently in a group dynamic
  • Students will clearly present their research findings to their colleagues

Week 1: Research (45 minutes - 1 hour)

  • Break into groups
  • Conduct background research on one of four predetermine topics on the web
  • Select a reading of 10-20 pages for the group's homework

Week 2: Presentations (1.5 hours) 

  • Build a 3-5 slide presentation on their research
  • As a group, present their topics to their classmates.

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